Pepper Griptape was launched in 2022. The exclusive “G5” grip provides skaters a high quality grip option with just enough grip, but not too much. Each sheet gives you a generous 33.5” in length to make sure you don't come up short and is perforated to ensure a bubble free application.

Pepper is backed by a crème de la crème team of rippers all over the world including names like Evan Smith, Jordan Trahan, Cryus Bennett, Andrew Allen, Nick Boserio, Max Palmer, Deedz, John Cardiel, Monica Torres, Shin Sanbongi, Tom Karangelov, Tolya Titaeu, Jerome Sossou, Chris Colbourn, Trevor McClung, Ronnie Kessner, Brian Delatorre, Ibu Sanvang, Noah Mahiev, Raven Tershy, and Carlos Ribeiro.

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PEPPER - Evan Smit

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